Quies today

A century of wellness-enhancing products

From noise protection to active wellness
Quies was founded in France in 1921; we have been developing, manufacturing, and selling wellness-enhancing products for nearly a century. At Quies, wellness means living in harmony with our environment—and silence plays an essential role. That’s why we introduced our emblematic “pink pearl” earplugs nearly a century ago, and why we have since expanded into a full range of wellness-enhancing products, ranging from ear, eye, and skin protection to anti-snoring remedies.
Quies has relentlessly adapted to keep up with changing times. However, some things haven’t changed: quality as a core value, an innovation-driven strategy, and a practical approach to everything we do. Today Quies products are sold at pharmacies and retail outlets in some 20 countries. We generate annual revenue of €17 million, 20% of which comes from outside of France.

A long-term commitment to quality

Quality is one of our core values. Because our company is small—we have 49 employees—we can carefully oversee every aspect of production. And virtually all of our products are made in France, with our plant in Palaiseau producing some 60 million earplugs each year.
We earned ISO 9001 quality certification for our entire product range in 1998. Our quality control process includes consistently verifying the quality of our raw materials and ensuring the traceability of our products. We undergo annual quality audits to make sure we are in compliance with applicable regulations, and we obtained ISO 13485 certification (for medical devices) for all of our health and beauty products.

Innovation starts with people
All of our products share one thing in common: they help people live better in their environment. And our strategy is simple. We come up with innovative ways to improve people’s everyday lives. Our landmark product—Quies wax earplugs—paved the way for a slate of new innovations, from our anti-snoring lozenges to our swimmer’s ear bands.
We invest heavily in new technology and product development, while striving to minimize our impact on the environment. We have taken measures to reduce our energy consumption; we continuously improve our raw-materials and waste-management processes; and we strive to make our supply chain as efficient as possible.

Better wellness through prevention
At Quies we go beyond just designing new products to ease everyday aches and pains; we tackle the problem at the source through prevention. As a sponsor of France’s National Hearing Day, we help get the very important message out that our hearing is precious and must be protected. We also give out free earplugs at concerts and music festivals, in an effort to raise music fans’ awareness of the often-irreversible damage that can be caused by noise.