Quies, our company history

From our landmark “pink pearl” earplugs to today’s active wellness

Quies has been proudly developing wellness-enhancing products for nearly a century. It all started back in 1918 with the development of Quies’ emblematic “pink pearl” earplugs. The company was founded three years later and Quies earplugs—sold in a box adorned with a sparrowhawk, a symbol of silence—were well on their way to becoming a popular household product.
Today, the Quies brand continues to grow, with the introduction of at least one new product per year.
Today, the Quies brand continues to grow, with the introduction of at least one new product per year.

  • 1918
  • 1921
  • 1930
  • 1940
  • 1960
  • 1980
  • 1998
  • 2009

A Paris pharmacist develops a noise-reducing cotton-and-wax earplug for one of his customers.

Encouraged by the customer’s enthusiastic response, the pharmacist decides to sell the earplugs at his pharmacy.

A commercial venture is founded to market and sell the new earplugs.
Given the interest in Antiquity at the time,
the company was named Quies, a Latin word meaning "quiet", "calm", or "rest".

Quies earplugs quickly gain in popularity.
Winning several health and safety awards at the national expositions so popular at the time :

  • First prize at the 1922 Marseille Pharmacy Expo
  • Honorary certificate at the 1933 Mulhouse Pharmacy Expo
  • Honorary certificate at the 1935 Pharmaceutical Products Expo

Quies earplugs are still manufactured the old-fashioned way, by hand. Skilled workers heat blocks of wax over small Bunsen-like burners, and then roll the wax into balls which are then rolled in cotton wool. During World War II, the original aluminum package is temporarily replaced by a cardboard box.

Several million
Quies earplugs
are manufactured each year

But they are no longer made by hand. The company begins using mechanized manufacturing techniques, boosting both production speed and quality.
A new, more modern, white plastic package replaces the cardboard box used during the war. This new package features a sparrowhawk, which becomes the brand’s logo for the next 40 years.

In this decade Quies also launches its relaxation eyeshade, rounding out its line of products for light sleepers.

Quies continues to improve its wax earplugs, becoming the biggest name in consumer ear production products.

The company begins using new waxes, formulations, and quality control processes.

The earplugs are manufactured using custom-developed machines capable of delivering even higher levels of quality. Quies earplugs are now compliant with CEN (European Committee for Standardization) standard EN 352-2 for hearing protection devices.

Quies earns its first ISO 9001 certification in 1998, confirming the quality of the company’s design, manufacturing, packaging, and sales and marketing processes.

Over the decade,
the Quies brand
continues to expand.

Over the decade, the Quies brand continues to expand with the introduction of new wellness-enhancing products :

> Quies adds a complete range of new hearing protection products including fluorescent-colored foam earplugs, more discreet flesh-colored foam earplugs, silicone earplugs for swimmers, corded earplugs for intermittent noise protection, individually-packaged earplugs for use on the go, and pressure-regulating earplugs for air travel.

> Quies leverages its in-depth knowledge of the ear to develop a complete line of earcare products, including Otospoon dual-action earwax removal swabs, Docuspray ear spray, and Doculyse earwax removal spray.

> Quies continues to support its “active wellness” positioning with the new Flash Frais line of soothing eye masks.

> Quies enters the anti-snoring market with a new spray and lozenges — both backed by a scientifically-proven innovation.

Today, Quies continues to innovate to bring consumers new wellness-enhancing products.
The early 2000s saw the launch of new ear, nose, and throat products,
and Quies researchers are constantly working to develop the next breakthrough.

The company introduced two new product lines in 2011. Quies Optik all-in-one contact lens solution for optimal comfort and Flash Frais skincare towelettes for minor burns, insect bites, and nettle stings. In 2012, Quies further expanded its skincare line with Médusyl dual-protection cream, providing protection against both UV rays and jellyfish stings.

Quies is also diversifying its product range to meet customers’ unique preferences, offering a slate of new formats, colors, and flavors. The company introduced new nasal strips to round out its anti-snoring product line, and added swimmer’s ear bands to the Quies ear protection product line.

In 2011, Quies obtained ISO 13485 certification (for medical devices) attesting to the safety and quality of its healthcare products—a fitting reward for the company’s years of research and investment in new technologies.