Head lice and nit treatment

Three-in-one head-lice shampoo

Back-to-school is often synonymous with head lice. Stay on top of your next infestation! Quies three-in-one head-lice shampoo works in three easy steps: lather, let sit for 15 minutes, and comb carefully. Quies three-in-one head-lice shampoo eliminates lice and nits naturally, and is gentle on your hair and scalp: Suffocates lice in just 15 minutes* […]

Eliminates lice in just 15 minutes

Contains no essential oils or insecticides

A gentle, yet effective cream

Quies head lice and nit treatment cream kills 100% of lice in a single application.

Suitable for sensitive skin

Works in a single application

Electronic head-lice comb

The Quies electronic head lice and nit comb detects the presence of lice and nits and kills them instantly upon contact.

Fast and all-natural

100% chemical-free, 100% convenient