Earcare solutions

Doculyse earwax removal spray

Quies Doculyse earwax removal spray prevents and treats earwax blockage.

Eliminates earwax blockages

Safe for the ear canal

Otospoon dual-action earwax removal swabs

Quies Otospoon dual-action earwax removal swabs are specially designed for the ear’s anatomy, to both gently clean your ears and effectively remove earwax build-up.

Dual-action swabs

Prevent earwax blockage

Docucalm anti-itch ear spray

Quies Docucalm anti-itch ear spray soothes irritation and itching of the outer ear canal immediately.

Soothing natural ingredients

Metered pump for maximum ease-of-use

Docuspray ear spray

Excess earwax is not only uncomfortable—it can also lead to earwax blockage. T

Natural marine nutrients

Propellant-free spray