Anti-snoring solutions

Anti-snoring spray

When we sleep, the muscles at the back of our throat relax and partially block the passage of air. Sometimes these muscles vibrate as the air passes over them, producing the sound that’s known as snoring.

Reduces light snoring caused by mouth breathing

Long-lasting action

Anti-snoring lozenges

When we sleep, the tissue at the back of our throat (like the soft palate and uvula) tends to vibrate as we inhale, creating the noise that’s known as snoring.
Quies anti-snoring lozenges act to minimize palate vibration by releasing xanthan gum and natural plant-based extracts.

76% of snorers report an improvement

Continuous action all night long

Anti-snoring nasal strips

While snoring can make life difficult for snorers’ loved ones, snorers themselves also suffer! Snoring is often a sign that the person’s sleep is not as restful as it should be. Quies anti-snoring strips help snorers breathe easier, reducing snoring and improving sleep quality.

Facilitates nasal breathing

Adheres perfectly for optimal comfort

Anti-snoring nasal spray

A stuffy nose is virtually guaranteed to make you snore. And the reason is simple: breathing through the mouth makes your palate and uvula vibrate—and those vibrations produce the annoying sound known as snoring. Quies anti-snoring nasal spray with essential oils of pine and eucalyptus helps you breathe through your nose. Witch-hazel, butcher’s broom, and […]

Works immediately

12 weeks of snoring-free nights