Eliminates lice in just 15 minutes

Contains no essential oils or insecticides

Three-in-one head-lice shampoo

A shampoo that’s gentle on hair, tough on lice

Back-to-school is often synonymous with head lice. Stay on top of your next infestation! Quies three-in-one head-lice shampoo works in three easy steps: lather, let sit for 15 minutes, and comb carefully.

Quies three-in-one head-lice shampoo eliminates lice and nits naturally, and is gentle on your hair and scalp:

  1. Suffocates lice in just 15 minutes*
  2. Dislodges nits, which can then be combed out easily with the head-lice comb that comes with the shampoo
  3. Washes hair gently: simply rinse when done; there is no need to re-wash with your usual shampoo

 The shampoo contains no paraben, alcohol, or essential oils. Instead, the mechanical action of natural coconut oil, which is gentle on hair, systematically suffocates all lice. This chemical-free method is odorless and ultra-effective at killing lice. All it takes is a careful combing to remove all lice and nits. The shampoo even comes with a super-practical double-sided comb for fine or thick/curly hair.

 This gentle head-lice shampoo is perfect for adults and children.

*100% of lice killed after 15 minutes in contact with the shampoo. Because young lice are more resistant than adult lice, a second treatment three to five days after the first is recommended to kill any surviving lice.

All about
Lice and nits

Why are lice and nits so hard to get rid of?

Lice—a nightmare for parents—is one of the most common ailments passed around schools. How is it that insects so small can wreak so much havoc? And what can you do to get rid of them?


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