Soothing relief in just five minutes

With natural plant extracts

Soothing eye masks

Refreshing relief for tired, irritated eyes

After a long day at work in front of a computer screen or in a smoky, dusty environment—or after a fun day at the beach or at the pool—your eyes are bound to feel dry, tired, and irritated.
With Quies Optik soothing eye masks, five minutes is all you need to soothe your overworked eyes.
Simply place the white towelette on your eyelids and relax while the natural plant extracts work their magic. The mask will conform to the shape of your eyelids to calm, soothe, and refresh your eyes while moisturizing the delicate skin on your eyelids.

The masks contain soothing bisabolol, moisturizing aloe vera, and toning papaya extracts. As the superficial blood circulation is stimulated in your eye area, you may temporarily feel a light warming sensation a few minutes after applying the mask.

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