Protects water-sensitive ears

Completely water-tight

Silicone earplugs for swimmers

Enjoy your swim without the worry

Children with ear tubes and people with sensitive ears can now enjoy water activities worry-free, thanks to Quies silicone earplugs for swimmers.

Our reusable earplugs are made from water-tight silicone to keep water out of your ears. Soft and highly malleable, they conform to the unique shape of your ear canal to stay firmly in place.

Quies silicone earplugs can also be used to protect your ears from dust, cold, and noise without cutting you off from the world.

Available in two sizes: child and adult.

For even greater protection, use Quies silicone earplugs with the Quies neoprene ear band.

All about
water and air pressure

Why do air pressure and water hurt our ears?

If you’ve ever flown on an airplane or suffered from swimmer’s ear, you’ve probably noticed that our ears are particularly sensitive to things like changes in pressure and moisture. But have you ever wondered why—or what you can do to ease the discomfort?


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