Eliminates protein deposits, disinfects, and lubricates

For conventional soft or silicone hydrogel contact lenses

Quies Optik contact lens solution

The complete cleaning solution for soft contact lenses

Soft contact lenses become less and less comfortable the longer you wear them. However, the cleaner your lenses are, the better they will serve you—in terms of comfort and vision—all day long.

Quies Optik is a complete contact lens solution that combines several active ingredients. It is suitable for the daily cleaning of conventional soft and silicone hydrogel contact lenses. Used for rinsing and cleaning, the pH-appropriate solution eliminates protein deposits and disinfects lenses.

And, for the ultimate in comfort, Quies Optik also contains hypromellose, a lubricant that forms a protective film on the lenses. The active ingredient in hypromellose has been shown to reduce dry eye syndrome by keeping the cornea hydrated all day long.

Comes in two sizes: 360 mL and 30 mL.

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