Dual-action swabs

Prevent earwax blockage

Otospoon dual-action earwax removal swabs

Clean your ears the effective, gentle way

Regular cotton swabs tend to push earwax further into the ear canal where it can become impacted, forming a blockage. But Quies Otospoon dual-action earwax removal swabs are specially designed for the ear’s anatomy, to both gently clean your ears and effectively remove earwax build-up.

First, use the spoon-shaped tip to safely remove excess earwax in the outer ear canal. Second, use the extra-soft cotton tip to carefully clean the outside of the ear. The cotton tip is made from chlorine-free bleached cotton for gentle cleaning.

For optimal ear care, we suggest you also use Quies Docuspray ear spray with natural marine nutrients.

All about
earwax blockages

How do I prevent earwax blockages?

Do your ears feel blocked? Maybe the cause is a buildup of earwax. Earwax is a naturally-occurring substance that helps protect our ears, but it can sometimes become impacted. Here’s what you can do about it.


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