Suitable for sensitive skin

Works in a single application

A gentle, yet effective cream

An ultra-powerful treatment in an ultra-gentle cream-mask!

A head lice infestation starts with itching. A little at first. Then a lot! If your child comes home with a case of head lice, it is important to act fast before the problem spreads. And to stop head lice in their tracks, you have to treat both the lice and their eggs, or nits.

Quies head lice and nit treatment cream kills 100% of lice in a single application.* The non-irritating cream is easy to apply. It goes on like a cream-mask, softly enveloping the scalp and hair.

Gentle dimethicone and coconut oil suffocate 100% of lice and their nits within eight hours.* And, because the cream contains no chemical insecticides, essential oils, alcohol, or paraben, it is less irritating than some fast-acting shampoos—and the results speak for themselves.

But what children—and their parents—like best about Quies head lice and nit treatment cream is that you no longer have to struggle with a head lice comb. The cream detangles and conditions, making it perfect for fragile, very dry, or very curly hair.

*100% of lice killed after eight hours in contact with the cream. Because nits are more resistant than lice, a second treatment ten days after the first is recommended to kill any surviving nits that have matured into lice.

All about
Lice and nits

Why are lice and nits so hard to get rid of?

Lice—a nightmare for parents—is one of the most common ailments passed around schools. How is it that insects so small can wreak so much havoc? And what can you do to get rid of them?


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