Soothing natural ingredients

Metered pump for maximum ease-of-use

Docucalm anti-itch ear spray

Put an end to itchy ears!

Sometimes, the delicate skin of the outer ear canal becomes dry and irritated, a condition that can be caused by excessive ear cleaning, the use of hearing aids, or hormonal fluctuations, for example. Whatever the cause, a dry, irritated ear canal often itches—and scratching can cause cracks, which can become infected.

Quies Docucalm anti-itch ear spray soothes irritation and itching of the outer ear canal immediately. Just one spray and the metered pump delivers the right amount of naturally-soothing active ingredients: bisabolol, an essential oil extracted from chamomile; and glycyrrhizin, from liquorice root, protect the delicate skin of the ear canal from irritation; Brazil-nut oil replenishes the skin’s natural barrier, moisturizes, and promotes skin repair.

A non-greasy, paraben-free formulation makes Quies Docucalm anti-itch ear spray the perfect choice to keep the skin of your outer ear canal soft and irritation-free for lasting relief. Tested by ear, nose, and throat specialists, Quies Docucalm is suitable for the entire family (aged 36 months and up).

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