26 dB noise reduction

Perfect for intermittent noise

Corded earplugs

Hearing protection you can take on and off in a snap

Sometimes you need to block out loud noise intermittently, being able to hear well as soon as the noise stops and until it starts up again.

That’s why we have developed Quies corded earplugs, which can reduce noise by an average of 26 dB. The practical cord makes it easy to remove the earplugs and put them back in as often and as quickly as needed, making them perfect for intermittent noise.

Reusable and made of soft, flexible silicone, Quies corded earplugs are comfortable to use and guarantee effective protection.

All about

Can noise cause hearing loss?

Our hearing helps us make sense of the world around us. However, our auditory system is highly sensitive to loud noise, and frequent exposure to noise can gradually lead to hearing loss over time. But you can protect yourself!


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