Reduces light snoring caused by mouth breathing

Long-lasting action

Anti-snoring spray

Eliminate snoring with just two spritzes

When we sleep, the muscles at the back of our throat relax and partially block the passage of air. Sometimes these muscles vibrate as the air passes over them, producing the sound that’s known as snoring.

Quies anti-snoring spray helps eliminate the vibrations that cause snoring. Its vegetable-oil-free formulation contains xanthan gum to lubricate the soft palate, as well as active ingredients to keep your throat hydrated all night long.

For even better results, use in conjunction with Quies anti-snoring strips.

Honey-lemon flavor

Not recommended in cases of sleep apnea or respiratory disease.

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Why worry about snoring?

France alone counts 10 million snorers—and 10 million people kept awake every night by their partners’ snoring ! If this sounds familiar, here’s what you can do to ensure a good night’s sleep.


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