Facilitates nasal breathing

Adheres perfectly for optimal comfort

Anti-snoring nasal strips

Breathe easier and get a good night’s sleep

While snoring can make life difficult for snorers’ loved ones, snorers themselves also suffer! Snoring is often a sign that the person’s sleep is not as restful as it should be.

Quies anti-snoring strips help snorers breathe easier, reducing snoring and improving sleep quality. The flexible, comfortable strips work by gently pulling the nostrils apart to improve air flow and encourage breathing through the nose, which typically generates less noise than breathing through the mouth.

For maximum effectiveness, use the strips in conjunction with Quies anti-snoring spray and Quies anti-snoring lozenges.

Quies anti-snoring strips are also useful while exercising, as they facilitate breathing through the nose.

Available in two sizes: small-medium and large.

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Why worry about snoring?

France alone counts 10 million snorers—and 10 million people kept awake every night by their partners’ snoring ! If this sounds familiar, here’s what you can do to ensure a good night’s sleep.


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