Travel essentials

Soothing eye masks

After a long day at work in front of a computer screen or in a smoky, dusty environment—or after a fun day at the beach or at the pool—your eyes are bound to feel dry, tired, and irritated. With Quies Optik soothing eye masks, five minutes is all you need to soothe your overworked eyes. […]

Soothing relief in just five minutes

With natural plant extracts

Quies earplugs for air travel

The changes in cabin air pressure when an airplane takes off and lands can be painful to our ears.
Quies earPlanes® earplugs help eardrums adapt to potentially painful changes in air pressure.

Pressure-regulating ceramic filter

Prevents painful eardrums

Silicone earplugs for swimmers

Children with ear tubes and people with sensitive ears can now enjoy water activities worry-free, thanks to Quies silicone earplugs for swimmers.

Protects water-sensitive ears

Completely water-tight

Ear bands for water activities and sports

Water activities can be a challenge for children with ear tubes and people subject to frequent ear infections. Quies ear bands take the worry out of water activities and sports.

Recommended by ear, nose, and throat specialists

High-density neoprene for maximum coverage

Sleep masks

Harsh light can make it difficult to relax. Quies sleep masks are the perfect way to rest your tired eyes during the daytime, catch a quick nap while traveling, or fall asleep in less-than-total darkness.

Provides total darkness for full relaxation

Ultra-comfortable satin eye pads

Médusyl sunscreen and jellyfish repellant

To make sure your beach trip is a good one, the best strategy is to stop jellyfish stings before they happen—and that’s where Médusyl by Quies comes in.

Repels jellyfish and impedes stinging

SPF 30 protection