On the go

Music acoustic filters

The uncomfortable feeling of ringing, buzzing ears is one that musicians, concert-goers, and night-clubbers are all too familiar with.

15 dB noise reduction

Filters sensitive frequencies

Docucalm anti-itch ear spray

Quies Docucalm anti-itch ear spray soothes irritation and itching of the outer ear canal immediately.

Soothing natural ingredients

Metered pump for maximum ease-of-use

Quies Optik – Lubricating drops for contact-lens wearers

The longer you wear your contact lenses, the more likely your eyes are to itch and burn. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up the convenience and aesthetics of contact lenses for glasses. Keeping your contact lenses lubricated is easier than ever. Quies Optic lubricating, hydrating eye drops for contact-lens wearers are designed […]

An immediate cooling sensation that lasts

Soothes and lubricates