Blame it on your genes

Due mainly to genetic factors, earwax varies in amount and consistency from one person to another. And people with a lot of ear hair tend to be more susceptible to earwax blockage, since the hairs prevent the earwax from flowing out naturally.

How do I prevent earwax blockages?

Do your ears feel blocked? Maybe the cause is a buildup of earwax. Earwax is a naturally-occurring substance that helps protect our ears, but it can sometimes become impacted. Here’s what you can do about it.

No, earwax isn’t “dirty”

Earwax is a yellow, greasy substance secreted by glands at the opening of the ear canal. It helps lubricate the ear canal to prevent irritation and block out foreign bodies like dust particles and microbes.

How earwax becomes impacted

Normally the wax-producing glands in the ear canal contract and release to push earwax towards the opening of the ear canal. But sometimes the earwax mixes with dust particles and dead skin cells and becomes impacted, creating a blockage that can obstruct the ear canal. This can make you feel like your ear is blocked, create a buzzing sound in your ear, make it harder to hear, make you hear the echo of your own voice, or even result in occasional dizziness. Therefore, excess earwax should be removed immediately.

Cleaning, but just the right amount

Earwax may not be attractive, but it serves a useful purpose. So you shouldn’t spend hours getting your ear canals squeaky-clean. Wash your outer ear daily, but don’t clean your ear canals more than once or twice a week to preserve the thin layer of earwax that helps protect your ears.

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Easy does it

You should clean your ear canals very gently using specially-designed swabs, propellant-free ear sprays, or even a tissue. Avoid using regular cotton swabs since they can be easily be pushed in too far, pushing earwax deep in the ear canal and possibly damaging the ear drum.

Clean your ears gently with Quies swabs and sprays

Quies now offers three products to help you take care of your ears :
Otospoon double-action earwax removal swabs with one spoon-shaped tip to remove excess earwax safely, and one extra-soft cotton tip to gently clean the outside of the ear
Docuspray ear spray for regular ear cleaning
Doculyse earwax removal spray for dissolving earwax build-up so that it can be removed easily