12 blinks
per minute

We don’t notice it but when we’re awake our eyes are busy blinking away, around 12 to 15 times a minute. That’s how our eyes remain lubricated with natural tears.

However, when we look at a computer monitor or TV screen, our eyes blink only around 8 times a minute, leading to irritation.

Why are my eyes dry?

If your eyes ever burn or feel irritated or gritty, then the problem could be dry-eye syndrome. Why does this happen—and what can you do about it?

Tired, overworked eyes

Everyone has suffered from dry eyes at some point, due to the dust, pollution, and air conditioning systems so common in today’s society. Contact lenses can also play a role. In addition, modern technology like smartphones, computer monitors, and even TV screens can wear our eyes out quickly.

Take a break

Make sure you your eyes regular breaks. Stare off into the distance and blink several times. You may also want to lubricate your eyes with eye drops or artificial tears.

Blink and it’s gone !

So what’s the remedy? Blinking ! Our eyes need to be continuously protected by a thin film of tears. Tears clean and lubricate our eyes, keeping our vision clear. So, blinking, which spreads a film of tears over our eyes, is essential. However, if we don’t produce enough tears or if the tear film is of poor quality or evaporates too quickly, we get what’s known as dry eyes. This sometimes triggers a reflex flow of tears as our body tries to protect our irritated eyes.

Protect your eyes

It used to be that dry-eye syndrome affected primarily the elderly, but with our modern lifestyles the symptom now affects just about everyone. Contact lens wearers are the most susceptible, since the lenses don’t allow the formation of a protective film of tears. Dry-eye syndrome is the most common cause of contact lens intolerance.

An ounce of prevention…

Some tips for contact lens wearers:

  • Never clean or rinse your lenses in water; always use an appropriate cleaning solution. Water carries bacteria and its pH level is not suitable for our eyes, which are particularly sensitive.
  • Always take your lenses out before going to sleep, because your corneas need to breathe at night. It only takes a minute to remove your contact lenses, clean them, and put them in an overnight soaking solution that will remove protein deposits, disinfect, and lubricate them.
  • Put on your makeup only after your contact lenses are in. This will prevent powder from depositing on the cornea. We also suggest you use cream instead of powder eye shadow.
How do you choose the right all-in-one contact lens cleaning solution for you ?

Use a cleaning solution that includes a lubricant for maximum comfort when you wear your lenses.

Try our Quies Optik all-in-one solution for contact lenses; its multi-action formula removes protein deposits, disinfects, and lubricates soft contact lenses.

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